eo120 Talks Esports with Kaizen

In this episode of eo120 Talks Esports I have on Kaizen, formerly known as “Primal”. Kaizen is a part of the LCS talent that educates, and entertains us from the Analyst Desk in between games. In this episode we get to know Kaizen, where he came from in the Esports world, and what he’s looking to do as a part of the LCS.

eo120 and Kofta Cast the LPL Finals

eo120 met Kofta. eo120 and Kofta were going to analyze the 2021 LPL Finals. In the middle of the process, they just fell into casting rolls and had a ball. I hope you enjoy this series and our casting as much as we did.

eo120 Talks Esports with Inero

eo120 sits down with Nick “Inero” Smith, coach of the Golden Guardians and discusses recent drama with IWillDominate, Inero’s path to the head coach of Golden Guardians and how he’s approaching the year with the rookie roster he was given.

NA Coaches

I write my thoughts about the 100T v TSM playoff series and start asking some questions of our NA Coaches and teams.